About the Breed

"The Brainiac breed"

NYC Mounted Unit

​The Breed History


The Standardbred is a breed of horse derived from Thoroughbred and Morgan bloodlines dating back to Messenger. Initially known for their incredible ability to trot at high speeds, all Standardbreds can trace their heritage to the stallion, Hambletonian. The breed name comes from a time when racing Standardbreds had to qualify by going a mile in a 'standard' time, which has dropped drastically over the years. Stereotypically, Standardbreds are the harness racing horses you see at tracks like the Meadowlands. They are known for pulling carts, called sulkies, at a trot or pace. (Except for about 5% of Standardbreds, their natural gait is the trot and they generally trot five miles a day to keep fit while racing. They are forced to pace with equipment.) They are a breed referred to as brainiacs, smart. They have a tremendous work ethic and try very hard to please. Their temperament is unlike what one would think of as a race horse, it is quite the opposite. 


​The Brainiac Breed -

What life looks like from the time they are yearlings:


               • They are handled daily 

               • Crosstie

               • Loaded into a trailer

               • Stand for the vet and blacksmith,                                              

                 They pick up their feet

               • Tacked daily

               • Bathed

               • Bathed

               • Are use to tractors, cars and crowd noise

               • Usually jog 5 miles a day at the trot!





English and Western

Pleasure and Competition


Combined Driving


Show Jumping


Police Mounts



Cowboy Mounted Shooting


Hunter Jumping


You name it they do it!

Newark, NJ Mounted Unit

Stars in the film, Little Women