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  • ARCI Int'l Welfare Award

  • USHWA Proximity Award

  • AAEP Lavin Cup FIrst Finalist

  • HTA Tracks of America Distinguished Service Awards

Why Choose a Standardbred?

What life looks like from the time they are yearlings:


               • Handled daily and trained to pick up their feet

               • Crosstied

               • Loaded into a trailer

               • Stands for the vet and blacksmith

               • Tacked daily

               • Bathed and clipped

               • Used to tractors, cars and crowd noise


If a horse comes in without these skills they will not be posted until they are mastered, or noted before you adopt.

majestic echos 4
majestic echos 1
majestics echos 2
majestic echos 3

Majestic Echos

Majestic is a handsome guy who will be undergoing evaluation soon. Get your application in early for this great guy!

Adopt, foster or sponsor him today!


Foaled 2000 - 19 years old


Available in Cream Ridge, NJ

Light Riding

Miss Raggedy Ann

Annie is a adorable little black beauty! She has just been started under saddle and she has great brakes and has a very floaty and collected trot! Annie stands on the cross ties, stands for mounting and comes up to you in field to be loved on! You can go in any direction with her! 


Put an application in for this little beauty! 

Foaled 2017 -3 yr

15 hh Mare 

Available in Cream Ridge, NJ 

Noble Marshall 2
Noble Marshall

Noble Marshall

Marshall is such a good boy in the field, walks quietly on the lead and stands quietly in the barn. This guy LOVES to be pampered!
Marshall would love to find someone who wants to stroll through life like him, all chill!


.Foaled 2006 - 13-years old

16.1hh -  Gelding

Cream Ridge, NJ

Light Riding


Private Time

This boy is anything but private, he always wants to be the center of attention. With classical dressage training and flashy looks, Petey always grabs an eye.  He follows you around like a puppy, adores cuddles, and will trot right up to you at the gate. Petey a heartthrob in every way. You can’t help but fall in love. He has gorgeous movements he has plenty of scope for jumping! We can only see a bright future for Petey!

15.1hh - Gelding

Available Cream Ridge, NJ


Real Bullets

Real Bullets

Billy has a curious little personality

and wanting to please everyone!

Billy only has one eye but acts like he has two.

He is currently being evaluated under saddle at the moment but he would also make a nice driving horse.

Foaled 2012 - 7-year old

15.2hh - Gelding

Available Cream Ridge, NJ


Royal Flag T

Teddy has been all over the place! He is a pro on the trails and has been there and seen that! He has a very nice walk and trot and would like to just go for some trail rides! He is super sweet and loves kids, he stands for vet, farrier, grooming and to be mounted! Teddy is looking for his next soft landing!

Put an application in for this sweet boy today! 


Foaled 1998 - 22 years old

15.2 hh - Gelding

Available Cream Ridge, NJ

RM Fantasie

RM is undergoing evaluation soon,

if you want more current information, please

call our office today!

Put your application in today!

15.1hh - Bay Mare

Available Cream Ridge, NJ


Wanna Roll

Rollie, or as we affectionately call him, Baby, is absolutely amazing and we can't say enough good things about him!  Rollie is an absolute people hound! He stands quietly on crossties and stands quietly for mounting. Under saddle, he tries incredibly hard! He will walk, trot, and pace and is working super hard on his canter.

He lunges like an old pro! 

Rollie is going to make someone an amazing horse that is ready to go in any direction! He has an amazing mind and is going to be a superstar in the future!

Foal 2016 - 3-years old

16.2hh - Gelding

Cream Ridge, NJ


Windy City Toots

Chicago is a sweetheart and loves to please! She has a very comfy walk, pace, and she is working very hard on her canter! This girl has a little more go then whoa and would love a job! She has been ridden english, western and bareback! She is becoming a barn favorite and is loving and soaking up all the attention!

Adopt, or sponsor her today!


Foaled 2006- 14 yrs 

Mare 15.3 hh

Available in NJ