Companion Horse Assistance Program 

At the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, we take in horses from all walks of life; some  have worked very hard and taken on countless injuries - both on the track and in the fields.


Those horses, our companion / pasture only horses, are also in need of loving homes. We understand that adopting a sweet pasture horse has some additional elements of care, so we are offering an assistance program to anyone who wants to offer them a forever home. 

  1. SRF will reimburse Caregiver for any Eastern/Western Encephalitis, Tetanus and Rabies inoculations administered by a licensed veterinarian, up to $150 annually, and up to $100 annually for any dental care needed. Any other vaccinations are the responsibility of the Caregiver. The paid receipt accompanies a Veterinary Follow-Up Form submitted to the SRF office by June 15th.

  2. The SRF will reimburse Caregiver up to $350, annually, for any pre-approved care administered by a licensed veterinarian for injuries or illnesses of Horse when the paid receipt accompanies the invoice from a licensed veterinary care provider.  Caregiver to contact SRF via phone or email to obtain pre-approval.