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SRF is different...

The Standardbred Retierment Foundation doesn't just rescue horses, but follows up for the horses whole life, even after adoption - ensuring every horse who comes through SRF's gates will be happy and healthy for as long as they live. 

Looking to adopt?

Adopting a horse from SRF is a simple process, that starts with filling out an application, and ends with a lifelong match for both horse and human. 

Where to see the horses

SRF's main goal is to get horses into life long homes, so we get horses adopted out fast! Because of this we suggest filling out an application before looking at what horses are here!
Once you have, the best place to see what horses are currently searching for forever homes is our
Facebook page! 

How you can help

Over 94% of SRF's funding comes from the kind donations of individuals like you.  

Or consider a monthly sponsorship of one of our companion horses!

Want to know more?

Here are a few more useful links, but the site is full of information on not just our work but Standardbreds in general. 
So take your time and explore the site using the navigation at the top of the page.
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Highlighted Events!

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