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500+ Standardbreds found in kill pens so far in 2021

How & Why Are We Rescuing Horses?

Every year, in the United States, thousands of horses are sold at auction as meat to the highest bidder. Most of these horses have been raced, used as farm help, treated as machinery, and now they are sold for the meat left on their bones.

Even though these horses are not slaughtered here in the US, they are kept in crammed pens being starved, kicked, denied any medical attention, until they are sent out to Mexico or Canada for their final goodbye on the slaughter line. 

The Standardbred Retirement Foundation does everything we can to disrupt this process. We have formed connections with US kill-pen bidders, asking them to tell us when they buy any standardbreds, so we have a chance to save their lives. 

Once we know a horse has been sold and tagged for slaughter, we reach out to its past owners, and our community, for help and to find the horse a loving home - whether through a past owner, an adopter, foster family, or another adoption agency like ours with availability.

The expense to pull a horse from the slaughter line is not cheap. The average price is $900/horse and the average expenses for immediate care is $750/horse (this includes transportation from the pen, 30 day quarantine, vaccinations, farrier work, and any vet exams for injuries or starvation sustained in the pen). 

So far, in 2021 alone, we have saved over 500+ horses from going on to the final phase of the slaughter line.

Our facilities and communities are at capacity, so we are asking the general public for any help that can be offered. 

Loving homes are most important because, as we raise the funds to take these horses off of the slaughter line, they need somewhere to go. Any offers from an adoptive home, foster home, boarding facility, other adoption agency/rescue, or retirement facility are welcomed and appreciated!