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32 Years of  Helping Horses and Kids!

A 501c3 Non-profit

These Trotters

and Pacers Need Help Now


Several of the thirty-five trotters and

pacers tagged to ship to slaughter have past owners and breeders stepping up to help them.

Update -

Horses in Dire Need


Only thirteen of thirty-five trotters and pacers tagged to ship to slaughter have safe homes to go to. 

Friday Update

on Horses in Trouble


Twelve of thirty-five still do not have a safe place to go.

The Desperate



Eight trotters and pacers in need of homes are now tagged and on the manifest to ship to the Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses.

The 35 Horses

are Safe


The 35 trotters and pacers at risk to ship to the Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses received enough support to bypass a horrific end.


Auction Starts Monday, Jan. 28th


Monday, January 28, 2019, the online auction of breedings will open at 8am and runs through Wednesday, January 30th at 8pm. 


Auction is now Opened


The Standardbred Retirement Foundation online auction of breedings opened at 8am Monday, Jan. 28th and runs through Wednesday, January 30th at 8pm.


Auction Ends Tonight


The Standardbred Retirement Foundation's online auction of

breedings will close this evening, Wednesday, January 30th at 8pm.


Victory's Son Seeks Help


Trial Victory, the 27-year-old son of

Valley Victory, has only a few years left to grace this earth as his life hangs in the balance. He is in need of a place to call home.


SRF Offers

and Seeks Breedings

The Standardbred Retirement Foundation has new breedings for sale, and seeks tax-deductible breeding donations.


SRF Shares

Important Data

Only thirteen of thirty-five trotters and pacers tagged to ship to slaughter have safe homes to go to.


Update on

Trial Victory

Trial Victory, the 27-year-old son of

Valley Victory, has a wonderful home to live out his last few years. 

SRF Golf 

Outing is May 28th


Spring green mean grass for the horses, and golf for its supporters at the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF), and this year May 28th is the

day to tee off!


Meet & Greet


The Standardbred Retirement

Foundation (SRF) invites all to a great few hours of sheer enjoyment; meet its the new foal born to SRF, taste Craft Beer, and Wine and meet 65 of its adoptable horses.

SRF Seeks

Items for the Annual Event


The Standardbred Retirement Foundation's (SRF) annual online auction of fabulous items is scheduled for May 28-June 4, 2019.


Ireland Raffle Drawing


Only a few days left to purchase tickets to win either a trip to the fabulous Elitloppet race in Sweden or to Ride in

Ireland to benefit Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF).

SRF Announces

Winner of Raffle


Mark Dively is the winner of the Standardbred Retirement Foundation's annual raffle to win a trip to the Elitlopp or ride in Ireland.

SRF Seeks

Items for Auction


SRF's annual online auction of fabulous items is scheduled for May 28-June 4, 2019.


Craft Beer & Wine

Meet & Greet


SRF invites all for a day of fun at the farm! Come meet the newest foal born to SRF.


Meet & Greet


This Saturday is the day for the SRF Meet & Greet - Craft Beer and wine tasting!

Check Out

Whats in Store at SRF


SRF will be holding its annual online auction of fabulous items from May 29 - June 4th.



Charity Handicapping Contest


The Meadowlands Racetrack's Charity Handicapping Contest starts tonight and the SRF is all about winning it!

SRF's Online

Auction is opened


Check out the wide range of fabulous items in the SRF's online auction that is already open. 

Auction Closes

Tues. Evening 


SRF's annual online auction has great items for the horse lover, sports lover, collectors - anyone!

Great New Ways to 

Make a Difference


Here are a few new, simple and tax-deductible ways to join Standardbred Retirement Foundation in helping these majestic animals in need.


Follow-up is Over due


Reminding those who are now overdue, the Standardbred Retirement Foundation’s, (SRF) semi-annual Veterinary Follow-up form was due on May 15, 2019.


30th milestone


Read more about our 30th year milestone in our Summer Newsletter!

Gift Offer

Ends Today


Today is the last opportunity

for the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) to benefit from a generous $5000 match.


Charity Casino Night


The Hambletonian Party and Poker & Casino Night Charity Event will be held Friday, August 2, at Meadowlands

Racetrack, East Rutherford, NJ.

Pen to 



The Standardbred Retirement

Foundation, (SRF) received very touching photos of what is usually only found in a fairytale.

SRF Seeks

Breedings To Feed 378 Standardbreds


The Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF) seeks tax-deductible donations of breedings to help the 378

trotters and pacers under its expense and care.

SRF Police Horses Help "Trail To Zero"


The Standardbred Retirement

Foundation's, (SRF) horses had a presence at the Trail to

Zero ride in Manhattan on Saturday, Sept. 15th, 2019.

SRF's Holiday Fun at the Horse Farm


Get a leg up and gallop into the holiday season with SRF for an amazing afternoon of enjoyment at the farm. On Sat., Nov.16, 2019 FROM 1:30 - 4 pm the farm will be set up to welcome the holiday season.


Follow-up Due Soon


SRF is grateful to its wonderful adopters, foster homes, and boarding facilities that are always early or on time with their semi-annual Veterinary Follow-up form. As a reminder, forms are due November 1, 2019.

SRF Offers

Disney Option in its 

Prix Raffle


SRF depends on the success of its raffles year after year. The prize option this year is the Prix D'Amerique Race in Paris, or Disney fun! 

SRF Seeks

Breeding Donations


The Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF) seeks tax-deductible donations of breedings to help the 378 trotters and pacers under its expense and care.

SRF's Horse

Plop Bingo


As part of the festivities for the

Standardbred Retirement Foundation’s, (SRF) Holiday Fun at the Horse Farm event, Horse Plop Bingo is scheduled, if one can schedule when a horse will do such a thing!

Horse Plop

Numbers Filling


On Saturday, November 16, 2019 SRF will mark a paddock as a bingo grid, turn out the baby, and wait for a plop on a square. Be our winner, guess which square this baby will choose to fertilize the paddock.

Event Brightens

The Holiday Season


The Standardbred Retirement

Foundation’s, (SRF) Holiday Fun at the Farm hosted a large

crowd of guests and offered much fun for all, but the big hit was Horse Plop Bingo.

Horsey Holidays

at the SRF Store


Shop early, save, enjoy convenience, find some unique gifts and help the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF) feed 378 horses! SRF is offering 25% off orders of $100 or more with the code Holiday, and free shipping.

Donor to Match

Giving Tuesday's donations


There are 377 trotters and

pacers in need of homes under the expense and care of the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF). These

horses have earnings of over $10,000,000. but not for them.

Give Back

This Giving Tuesday


See who the 377 trotters and

pacers under the Standardbred Retirement Foundation's,

(SRF) expense and care today that are in need of your generosity on #Giving Tuesday.

#Giving Tuesday



Generous and caring friends of these horses did it. They gave and they doubled their gift to these noble

 trotters and pacers under the care and expense of the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF).



The Standardbred Retirement

Foundation, (SRF) learned of fifty-three Standardbreds crammed in a

crowded pen to be shipped for slaughter. One has already passed

away at the pen for unknown reasons.

Update on 53

Horses in Desperate Need.


(SRF) is sorting through offers of help for some of the 53 horses tagged to ship to slaughter which is expected to be Monday, December 19, 2019. As of today, it appears that 25 are

still in need.


12 Days of Giving Starts Now


The Standardbred Retirement Foundation's (SRF) 12 Days of Giving comes at a difficult time with the 53 trotters and pacers at risk for


Who is Safe

and Who isn't


The Standardbred Retirement Foundation, (SRF), along with some

wonderful people has been able to help 32 Standardbreds to be released from the kill pen avoiding a trip to slaughter.

The 53

The Power of Giving


The Standardbred Retirement

Foundation, (SRF) is shouting, “Victory” in more ways than one. The 53 trotters and pacers at risk to ship to slaughter have been diverted to safety.

12 Days &

Prix Raffle Ends Today


Today is the last day for SRF's 12 Days of Giving and sale of raffle tickets to win a trip to the Prix d'Amerique or Disney!

Raffle Winner Makes

Special Gesture of Kindness


When the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF), called Michael Goldberg of  Sarasota, Florida, the winner of our 2019 raffle, the amazement in his voice was clear and so great to hear.

Clarification in Regard

 to Horses at Risk


The Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) has 30 years of

experience in its mission. Its general mission, while managed by staff, helping kill pen horses not only

requires staff, it also relies on its volunteers.