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  • ARCI Int'l Welfare Award

  • USHWA Proximity Award

  • AAEP Lavin Cup FIrst Finalist

  • HTA Tracks of America Distinguished Service Awards

Rescued From Kill Pens

SRF and SOSS, it's volunteer group 654 horses were pulled from kill pens in 2018.


Located within two hours of SRF are two "kill buyers". These are dealers who buy horses at the livestock auctions when no one else wants them (typically the New Holland Sale). The "kill buyer" moves them to their facility and volunteers (independent of SRF) take pictures and read tattoo numbers. These volunteers contact past owners, breeders, and drivers to seek help to purchase the horses before they ship to Canada or Mexico. SRF permits the donations from those who may help to come through the organization, and then SRF pays for the horse. Some horses come to SRF, some are placed through the volunteers into homes, or may go to other rescues.


Coast Guard Grad

8 yr. old gelding.


This is what can happen to an injured suspensory. The breeder (who was also the only owner as a race horse) refused to help when SRF asked. It appears that these injuries are from when he was racing as freeze firing is typically used to help bring blood to the areas of injury. But this horse hadn't raced in 5 years and showed up at the auction in an Amish community with heavy driving shoes. He is in great pain and will be humanely put at peace. 

Diego Gram and Class Action, two of the recent 10 rescued.