In Memory of Fred

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 Fred Standardbred's registered name was Regal Force. Despite his majestic name, he was not a king or a duke, just a royal knight who was grinding out about $70,000 mostly on B tracks in Ontario, week in and week out, during his racing 



After that he was pounding the asphalt, pulling an Amish buggy for about 4 years. When he was no longer useful, he was unloaded at an auction to be shipped to slaughter. 


Fred finally found a soft place to land when Anita and her husband Mark

rescued him and changed his final fate. He was in bad shape - he had

strangles, EPM, probable broken pelvis and a host of other problems. 

After several months of good care and treatment he started doing better

and although never sound, was happy. 


In Kentucky, Fred set up his own Face Book page, with the original intent

to raise awareness for the conditions endured by slaughter bound horses. 

But there were already so many posts on that whole subject it was simply

too depressing. Fred wanted to please and make people happy.  He

loved making silly faces.  He was a big ham and loved the attention. He

and his best friend Teddy (another rescue) had the run of the property

and got into all kinds of mischief. His daily FB posts about their

adventures and  his humorous faces created friendships among his many

followers, some of which will last a lifetime. He and Teddy attended local 

events and were great ambassadors for all Standardbreds. He also helped

save other horses from slaughter, by networking and raising money from

calendar and t shirt sales.


This former throwaway horse touched many hearts.


Help Preserve Fred's Legacy

Fred did well in his new life for over 3 years but his previous injuries and 

mistreatment finally caught up with him. He was humanely euthanized on January 30, 2016.


He spent his entire life in loyal service to his people, doing whatever they asked him to do. And he did it well. But Fred's legacy does not have to end here. He would like his friends to continue helping other horses find good homes, just as he did.


Fred wants you to remember that a Standardbred can do anything. They can race, trail ride, barrel race, event, do dressage, pleasure drive, or even create their own FB page. There's nothing they can't do if given a chance.


You can help keep Fred's legacy alive with a tax deductable donation in his memory.