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Volunteer Opportunities
& Internships



Office/Events Volunteers

Assistance is needed with administrative tasks, mailings, fundraising and special events, etc.  To help in the office we generally call as needed and the training is minimal. 

Riding Volunteers

Volunteers must be intermediate riders over the age of 18 and able to tack and ride without having to be instructed. SRF is not a learn-to-ride facility.  All riding volunteers ride at their own risk and must sign a waiver.  An appointment with SRF’s trainer is necessary for a quick riding evaluation.  Please email to schedule an evaluation. 

Grooming/Barn/Farm Volunteers
Horse handling is not required to help in the barn and around the farm with horses preferred, but all help is welcome. To actually handle horses volunteers must be over the age of 18 and have good horsemanship and horse safety skills. All barn/horse volunteers must sign a waiver (undersigned by an adult if under 18 years of age).  



  • Much time is invested in our volunteers who wish to help with the horses, in particular, as they need to be informed of safety, our policies, procedures and more. 

  • We value our caring volunteers greatly, so kindly consider this when you make the commitment to help these horses in need.

  • We ask that you are able to set aside time to spend with us at the barn at least 3 times monthly for a minimum of 3 hours each and that you plan to help for a minimum of six months.


Internships vary, please contact SRF by email or telephone for current information


p: 609-738-3255

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