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  • Work with the horse to get him ready for a new loving adopted home, this means working with him on his gaits under saddle so he has a collected trot and can go into a canter. SRF will provide information on techniques.

  • Help find him a home by sharing that you have this horse available for adoption through SRF-

  • Speak with approved adopters to make an appointment to come meet the horses. SRF will screen these applicants first.



  • Good care

  • Experience with care and training (SRF has information on training gaits)

  • A stall 11x 11 minimum, or a field or paddock with a 3-sided shelter

  • Daily turnout

  • Free access to water and hay 24/7


Can You Choose the Horse?

Yes, we will profile those available and often will put you in touch with the person at the facility where they are presently located. Most will come from quarantine facilities we use.

We generally have a video for those that came from kill pen situations. The facilities will share some information and you can visit, if you like, to choose your partner. We do ask that you narrow down your choices first as these facilities have limited time to spend with you.


Where The Horses Originate From:

Many of the horses SRF has in need of a home come from a racing background and then went on to work in the rural areas as transportation and working horses. Some come right from the track. Some come from the farm SRF uses, others from the hands of dealers and auctions where their next step would be for slaughter. A few come right off the track.


Age Ranges

This varies greatly. SRF also has mares in foal, and mares with their foal.


We hope that you can arrange to pick up your horse, if not we will try to arrange this. We do require that you return the horse if you cannot complete your commitment.


Other Needs the Horses May Have:

Some horses may need to slowly build up their muscle.

Slowly build up their time under saddle.


SRF’S Role

In a charitable world, SRF asks for all expenses to be covered until the horse finds his loving home. We do understand that not everyone can do this. If you can offer such a gift, we are very grateful. We understand that there may be a time when medical expenses will arise. If you need help with these expenses, SRF must approve all medical treatments before any treatment can be provided and there are limits.  



Most accountants agree that what you spend on the horse will be tax-deductible, but please consult with him or her.


You will be provided half the adoption fee SRF will receive to offset your expenses, the fees range from $600-1600 depending on the horse.



Companion Horse Assistance Program 

At the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, we take in horses from all walks of life; some have worked very hard and taken on countless injuries - both on the track and in the fields. Those horses, our companion / pasture only horses, are also in need of loving homes. We understand that adopting a sweet pasture horse has some additional elements of care, so we are offering an assistance program to anyone who wants to offer them a forever home. 

The SRF will reimburse Caregiver up to $350, annually, for any pre-approved care administered by a licensed veterinarian for injuries or illnesses of Horse when the paid receipt accompanies the invoice from a licensed veterinary care provider.  Caregiver to contact SRF via phone or email to obtain pre-approval.


Being a "Foster Friend" means you are taking care of a horse until he finds a home.


Different ways to foster a horse

  • Full foster means you will cover all costs including veterinary care, however, if any surgeries or extensive care is needed SRF does not expect you to cover this expense. If you choose to do so it is appreciated. SRF is unable to cover these expenses either. If extensive veterinary care is needed it must be discussed with SRF's consulting veterinarian. There are times when humane euthanasia is considered. 

  • Fosters take on all expenses, but it can vary once discussed with our Placement Director.

  • Many of our "Foster Friends" are guided by their accountant so they receive a tax deduction for the monies spent.

 We thank you for your interest and please call us at (609) 738-3255 if you have any questions. 

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