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Standardbred Training Step By Step 


How To Start Them Under Saddle 


1) they are usually all very good natured but always good to have someone to hold when starting a horse. Get them used to a mounting block, stbs don’t like it when you are taller than they are, let them sniff the block, with you on the block, and put them up against the fence so you have a barrier so they don't side step from beneath you. 


2) once you have them used to the mounting block then start to put your weight over their back by laying with your stomach on the saddle and pat their side with your hand. Once they are good with that slowly start to get on and land very gentle on their back


Once you are on ask for a walk on by verbal cue since that is all they would know, and do a lot of walking, steering and stopping and start to incorporate the leg when you ask for a walk


How To Get Out Of The Pace 


1) posting helps and going over a couple poles down the long side will help them break their pace, do not hold their mouths with your hands and praise them. Bring them down to a walk and try picking the trot up again near a pole so they can understand where their feet are


2) trot circles help as well, you will need to balance them by lifting the inside hand step to the outside and use the inside leg to start and get them to wrap around it without falling on their inside shoulder and pacing


How To Ask For Canter 


1) Always ask for a canter coming around the corner. Ask from a walk, prep you and them by sitting up, lift the inside hand step outside to help balance them, turn their nose slightly to the outside so they can get the right lead and learn to balance and kiss. You may need to run them into it first couple times till they get the idea of where their feet are


2) Once they are used to where their feet are, remember to balance around the corner and start to ask for a slower canter by half halts on the outside rein and a light seat. Canter poles will also help and posting to the canter as well 


Remember most Standardbreds off the track go to the Amish and do not understand leg cues, they are very good with their verbals, so take your time and get them used to your leg and follow through with verbals


Whoa- stop

walk/1 click- walk

constant clicks- trot 

Kiss- canter 


Sometimes you will also need a crop to help encourage the forward motion if they are lazy.


Your brakes are always gonna be your outside hand half halts, they are very responsive to it and will start to slow down or break when you ask for it.

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