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Available for Adoption

Only a few are on the website!

This is an example of the fabulous horses SRF has for adoption. 
Most are not on the website as
they are adopted quickly.
Please fill out an application and we will share all
the horses with you!

Apache Fur Final

Apache Fur

Jezzy is quiet in the barn and stands well on crossties for grooming and tacking. She has excellent ground manners. She stands quietly for mounting and rides nicely under saddle.

She will walk, trot, and working on the canter.

She has gorgeous exaggerated movement and would make a very nice show prospect for any discipline or just enjoy a simple life on trails.

 Jezzy is at a wonderful age and height where she is ready to be finished your way!

Don't miss your opportunity to adopt this special one!


Adopt, foster or sponsor her today!


Foaled 2007 - 15 years old

16.1 hh


Available in NJ

a perfect Jenna

A Perfect Jenna

A beautiful and quiet mare, who loves kids and would be great for any rider!|
She will go wherever you point her nose and can hold together an amazing trot while changing direction and making circles. Nothing fazes this sweet girl!
She lives up to her name, She really is a perfect mare for any family!

Adopt, foster or sponsor her today!

Foaled 2002 - 21 years old


Available in PA

Brownie 2
Brownie 3


Brownie is a cute little mare that will try really hard to please! She stands to be groomed and tacked and under saddle, she is very comfy to ride! She can walk, pace under saddle and she is learning her canter and loves to jump and has scope up to 2'6!! She is ready to be your next jumping partner! 


Get your application in today!


Foaled 2004 - 19-years old

Mare 14.3hh

Available at Cream Ridge, NJ


Caleb (body 2)_edited


Caleb is super sweet.

A little shy at first, but not a mean bone in his body. Caleb is great in the barn and enjoys grooming.  Walks around on a loose rein over all our obstacles! 


15 years old

15.2hh  Gelding

Available in NJ



Cam Tue Succeed

Cammie has a very comfy trot and will go over cross rails, nice frame and all she wants to do is to please you. She also has a beautifully collected canter. This gal can go in any direction from trails to dressage to jumping! You name it she could do it! 


Foaled 2003 - 20 years old


Available in NJ


Cowboy Roundup

Cowboy is a special dude. He's had quite the adventure in life, but don't take him too seriously.

He may have a tough exterior but really, he's a

teddy bear through and through. Currently missing an eye, but not missing any pieces of his kind heart. 


Foaled 2009 - 14 years old

16 hh

Available in NY

Image 3-25-20 at 3.49 PM

Czech This Name

Czech is a stunner and he knows it! Czech has a very floaty trot and a comfy canter! He stands very nicely on the cross ties, for mounting and dismounting. He loves to do fun things on the ground like following you around over obstacles, free jumping, and some basic liberty work! He has a heart of gold and tries very hard to please with the best attitude! He would make an awesome show prospect and your next best friend! 

Put an application in for this boy today! 

Foaled 2004 -19 years old

16 hh


Available in NJ


Classic Action

Sven is one of the most well behaved and adorable horses we have come across! Sven was given his name after his cartoon counterpart most recently seen in the Frozen movies. This boy is more like a big dog than a horse! He would probably come inside and curl up on the couch if you let him. He is easily caught in the field and leads like an absolute gentleman never once raises his head above the handler. In the barn he stands quietly and patiently on crossties and is very gentle when moving over. He will stand there all day if he needs to. He loves to be groomed and hugged! We have crawled under him around him and between his legs and he doesn't move a muscle. Sven would be best suited for light riding at the walk and trot!

Put an application in today! 

Foaled 2002- 21 years old

16.2 hh Gelding

Available in Cream Ridge NJ


Crazy Horse (use)
Crazy Horse 2

Crazy Horse

Aka Mr. Awesome

Champ is well built and very athletic. He's an awesome boy with lots of personality, and seriously, his name is really Crazy Horse! 

Foaled 2004 - 19 years old


Available in NJ



Don Henick

 Eager to please, Don Henick is a sweet boy and easy to work with. A very smart gelding who will learn anything you set to teach him quickly. He would make a great riding horse for any one looking for a new partner. 


Foaled 2005 - 18 years old

15.2hh - Bay Gelding

Available in NJ


Dragon Dot Com


Dragondotcom is working hard and getting ready to show off this spring! He is currently undergoing evaluation, call for an update on how this handsome dude is doing!


Foaled 1999 - 24 years old

16.2hh - Bay Gelding

Available in NJ

Image 3-25-20 at 3.18 PM


Fico is a super sweet gelding that loves people and soaks up all the attention! He has such a big puppy dog personality and loves to play! Undergoing riding evaluation and will update soon!



Foaled 2010- 13 years old

16 hh Gelding

Cream Ridge, NJ


Freedom Fry Final

Freedom Fry

Free is a super sweet, lovable mare. She's tiny but don't let her size fool you! Free is athletic and always tries her best for every challenge you give her. Free has a very nice floaty trot and loves to ride bareback or through the trails! She spent the day in Civil War re-enactment at Gettysburg and was the perfect gal! There's never a dull moment with this gal!


Foaled 2003 - 20 years old

14.3hh  Mare

Available in NJ

Image 3-25-20 at 2.51 PM

Gottcha Back

Gotcha is a handsome looking dude that is built like a tank! He stands for the vet and farrier and to be groomed! He loves attention and absolutely loves carrots! He is looking for his next partner to take a casual walk on the trails! 


Put an application in for this stunner today!

Foaled 2006 - 17 years old

15.3 hh - Gelding

Cream Ridge, NJ



Golden Falcon N

Gretta is a sweetheart of a mare! She loves people and runs up to you in the field and loves her treats! She stands to be groomed and soaks up all the attention that you have to offer! She is undergoing evaluation right now and will keep you updated!

Adopt, Foster, or Sponsor her today! 

 10 years old

Bay Gelding

Available in Cream Ridge, NJ

Hitch (sept)


Hitch is a sweet boy with an incredible head on his shoulders. He loves to play and get some scratches from anyone who comes into the field. He responds to his name and is always willing to follow you around. With the classic standardbred looks, this boy catches everyone's eye.

Foaled 2010 - 13 years old

Bay Gelding

Available in Cream Ridge, NJ


Winnie Final.jpg

Just Win Baby

Winnie is Big girl with a big heart! she is built like a tank and is undergoing evaluation under saddle at the moment. She loves treats and attention and stands to be groomed and to cuddles, this mare can carry just about anyone! 

Foaled 2004 - 19 years old

16.1hh Gelding 

Available in Cream Ridge, NJ


Kendra Oaks

Kendra is a TRAIL HORSE DELUXE, a pretty mare, who has great manners. She’s a little shy at first, but after running through the kill pen, can you blame her? Kendra took well to under saddle life, good brakes, and steering, nice trot. She went over all the ground poles. Kendra would be well suited for trails or pleasure riding.


Foaled 2007 - 15 years old

15.3hh - Mare

Available in Cream Ridge, NJ



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