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Laurie Z. Cohen's Memorial Fund is being established in loving memory at the Standardbred Retirement Foundation.  Laurie was a great friend to animals, and by anyone's standards, an impeccable human being. 

Laurie Z. Cohen Memorial Fund



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Some people are movers and shakers; they are driven to leave their mark on the world and stand out in a crowd.  That was not Laurie.  She was a quiet, unassuming soul who was happy to be in the background, leaving it to others to get whatever glory they could derive from their efforts, while she drew quiet satisfaction from her own accomplishments without the need to broadcast them.

Laurie didn’t ask for much.  She wasn’t a flashy dresser, didn’t have to have the latest gadget or an expensive car.  Whoever coined the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” assuredly did not have Laurie as their model.

What Laurie was kind, caring, and compassionate.  She was a devoted wife, mother, sister, and friend.  No matter what else she might have had to do, if you were hurting, she would take the time to reach out to you, to try to make you feel better, to let you know that how you felt mattered to her, and often try to lift your spirits with her sharp wit and sense of humor. 

Laurie had a soft spot for animals, from the stray cats whose trust she gradually won and turned into household pets, to the horses she got to know through her husband Larry’s lifelong passion for standardbred racing.  Laurie and Larry owned interests in several standardbreds, and Laurie delighted in accompanying Larry to many of the horse farms in New Jersey and beyond, getting to know the personalities of individual horses, and feeding them carrots and other goodies.

Just as so many horses are gentle giants, Laurie was gentle, and a giant in terms of the example she set for how to be a good person, lead a good life, and make a mark on the world without the need to make headlines or be in the spotlight.

Horses live well into their 30's and often a lifelong commitment to a horse falls short leaving many without a safe place.  Those horses with racing injuries have a particularly bleak future.

Our ability at SRF to facilitate the opportunity for these horses to live out their lives often only comes from a gift from someone special like you.

This fund, in memory of Laurie, provides a safe place for these magnificent creatures, your gift in any amount is so greatly appreciated.


Provides a peaceful sanctuary for horses retired for life due to age or injury and are in need of your friendship and support. 

Laurie Z. Cohen's Memorial Fund


Please click on the Donate button to help. You may choose a specific horse by visiting our Companion Horse Page or make a general gift.  Kindly note your gift in memory of Laurie.  Thank you so very much.

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