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SRF's Win*Win Program


Dear Trainers & Owners:


The Win*Win Program is an easy, tax-deductible way to make a much needed difference. When your horses race, whether you are an owner, a trainer, or a driver, the tracks will send an amount of your choice from the winnings to SRF to help feed and care for a horse in need.


An example:  As an owner, with your horse racing for a $5,000.00 purse, a 3% donation translates to only $4 if you finish 5th; that is about half a bale of hay. On a perfect day, when your horse lights up the board, your trip to the Winner’s Circle would mean a $75 donation. With that, SRF can care for a horse in need for nearly a week.


Thank you for your support!

Fill out the online form below, or find the printable form file at the bottom of the page.

If you would prefer to Email/Fax your information instead please use the Printable PDF Below.

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