PO Box 312

Millstone Twp, NJ 08535

Farm & Administrative Offices:

42 Arneytown-Hornerstown Rd

Cream Ridge, NJ 08514




  • ARCI Int'l Welfare Award

  • USHWA Proximity Award

  • AAEP Lavin Cup FIrst Finalist

  • HTA Tracks of America Distinguished Service Awards

32 Years of  Helping Horses and Kids!

A 501c3 Non-profit

SRF Wish List

For more information email us at:

(609) 738-3255


Thank you.

  • Support for the endowment.

  • Large field salt blocks.

  • Hay for NJ and KY.

Please contact the SRF office at 609-738-3255 if you need more information or have items to donate. 


  • Each tax-deductible donation goes a long way in helping to care for the 376 + horses we currently have in the program.


  • Our greatest need is a farm suitable for horses. Ideally, 200 acres are currently needed, however, any gift of land or a farm is very helpful.


  • Hay and outdoor hayracks of any size for the Cream Ridge, NJ location.

  • Sponsorships for our permanently retired horses.

  • Wormers, an expensive part of necessary routine care.

  • Grant writing skills.

  • Volunteers! We need help with barn work, office support, events, and fundraising. 

  • Help with our youth programs.

  • Items to auction at our events, such as tickets for sporting events, shows, and travel, art, tack... and anything else you can think of! Feel free to use your imagination.

  • Horse guardians who will check on SRF horses in their part of the US.

  • Foster homes for horses that are being rehabilitated.​​

  • Round Pen