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  • ARCI Int'l Welfare Award

  • USHWA Proximity Award

  • AAEP Lavin Cup FIrst Finalist

  • HTA Tracks of America Distinguished Service Awards

For more information email us at:

or call the office at (609) 738-3255


Thank you.

  • Support for the endowment.

  • Large field salt blocks.

  • Hay for NJ and KY.

  • Two-wheeled wheelbarrow.

  • Bare bottom used pickup truck for the farm only, (does not have to be road worthy) or used gator.

SRF Wish List

Please contact the SRF office at 609-738-3255 if you need more information or have items to donate. 


  • Each tax-deductible donation goes a long way in helping to care for the 350 + horses we currently have in the program.


  • Our greatest need is a farm suitable for horses. Ideally, 200 acres are currently needed, however, any gift of land or a farm is very helpful.


  • Hay and outdoor hayracks of any size. As the weather cools, our need for hay increases. Farm locations are Cream Ridge, NJ, VA, KY, Jeffersonville, NY. We would like to request at least 2 hay holders from

  • Sponsorships for our permanently retired horses.

  • Wormers, an expensive part of necessary routine care.

  • Grant writing skills.

  • Volunteers! We need help with barn work, office support, events, and fundraising. 

  • Help with our youth programs.

  • Items to auction at our events, such as tickets for sporting events, shows, and travel, art, tack... and anything else you can think of! Feel free to use your imagination.

  • Horse guardians who will check on SRF horses in their part of the US.

  • Foster homes for horses that are being rehabilitated.