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Adoption Process

1.  Fill out the application - read and sign our Adoption Agreement.

2.  Send farm / boarding facility photos for review HERE

3.  Expect a ~20 minute call from SRF

(To review your perfect horse request, review your knowledge, and to make an appointment for you to meet the horses!)

 Online form submission do not work well on phones. 


It is costly if a match is not perfect; another reason why making a loving match is our goal!

(We recommend that you bring your trailer to choose your horse. If you don't have a trailer we can recommend shippers.)





  • Adopters must be over 18 years old or parent/guardian who will be responsible

  • Must have sufficient horse care knowledge to adopt.

  • Decisions are based on the applicant's horse knowledge, honesty, the safety of the facility, references (non-relatives), photographs, and fit with SRF's mission


General Terms for Adoption


  • BOARDING: If you plan to board your horse, a lien release signed by the boarding facility. It can be accessed below, faxed or mailed to you.

  • SHIPPING: Shipping is the adopter's responsibility, SRF has a list of shippers, if needed.

  • DONATION: SRF asks for an adoption donation, it varies based on the horse. Generally, $1000 to $3000. An adoption donation is not expected for "Pasture Mates" or “Companion” horses.

  • AGREEMENT: Part of the agreement is your willingness to comply with having your veterinarian complete the Veterinarian Follow-up Form at the time of spring and fall inoculations. Veterinarians do not charge extra to complete this form.  With 4,500 adoptions this is the most efficient way to be sure every horse remains safe in its home. 

  • RESTRICTIONS: Horses can never be bred, used for embryo transfer, raced, sold, used for commercial purposes, or given away. We are looking for lifetime homes. If for some unforeseen reason an adopter can no longer provide good care for the horse, the adopter is required to find another loving home that must be approved FIRST by SRF. The potential adopter must be screened by SRF and a new caregiver contract must be completed prior to movement.

  • OTHER: SRF must be notified before a horse moves to a new facility, within ten days of serious injury or illness, and/or in the event of a horse's death/euthanasia.

Please call 609-738-3255 or email if you would like to have

the application mailed to your house.


Standardbred Retirement Foundation

42 Arneytown-Hornerstown Rd.

Cream Ridge, NJ 08514

 Fax 609-738-3258 or Email

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