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Adoptable Lite Riding, & Companions A-L


Available for Adoption

Only a few are on the website!


Most are not on the website as

they are adopted quickly.

Please fill out an application and we will share all

the horses with you;  

Apocolypse Hanover.JPG

Apocolypse Hanover

Appy's complete mushball, he adores people and acts like a complete puppy dog. Nothing ever phases this boy!


Adopt or sponsor him today!


Foaled 2004 - 15 years old


Available in KY



Arteffect is the sweetest guy and makes a

wonderful companion for humans and animals. 

He is looking for a home or sponsor!


Adopt, Foster or sponsor!

Foaled 1995  24-years old

15.3hh Gelding

Available in KY

Benny Marvel (1) (1).JPG

Benny Marvel

Benny is an easy-going gelding who gets along with any mare and gelding, he would make the perfect companion for your farm.

His girlfriend's name is Sandys Candystore.

He is a black beauty and a Jersey-bred.

Adopt or sponsor Benny!


Available in NJ

Big Boy
Big Boy Toz (under saddle 2).JPG
Big Boy Toz (under saddle 1)

Big Boy Toz

Cisco is a sweetie! He just really wants to be loved. Cisco will greet you in the field with a whinny! He’s very polite in the barn and would enjoy a gentle handler as someone was once mean to him.  He is approved to go to a light use home only.  Cisco would be a wonderful family horse!  Please give us a call to schedule an appointment to meet him! Get your application in today!


Foaled 2009 - 10 years old


Available in NJ


Bright Tune

Tune sure is a looker! He's super sweet and has incredible manners, a definition of a gentleman. He needs a soft place to land and a good friend who

likes to plod around together! 


Get your application in today!


Foaled 2003 - 16-years old

15.1hh Gelding

Available in KY


Bright Hope

This gentle fella is 18 years old and pasture sound only. He is located in KY. He is so friendly and eager to be loved, please consider taking him home to be your new best friend or sponsoring today.

Get your application in today!

Foaled 2001 - 18-years old

15.1hh Bay Gelding

Available KY

Brooklyn Character
Brooklyn Character

Brooklyn Character

Brooklyn Character has big personality. He has had plenty of time in the show ring and as a whole bunch of ribbons to show for it. He is looking for a sponsor or a home.

Get your application in today!


Foaled 2001- 18 years old

15.2hh  Gelding

Available KY



Cam is a big love bug that is only pasture sound due to calcifications in his leg. This young horse deserves to continue living a comfortable and happy life. You can help by adopting or sponsoring him. 

Adopt, foster or sponsor!


Foaled 2001 - 18 years old


Available in NY

Casino View (use2).jpg

Casino View

Chilly is a smart boy who is so willing to do anything you ask of him! He's well mannered and tries very hard. He's ready to try whatever you want to do! 

Foaled 2003


Available in Upper Freehold, NJ

converse hanover headshot.jpg

Converse Hanover

Sneaks is a sweet boy looking for a

forever home or a sponsor!


Foaled 2000 - 19 years old


Available in KY

Cripplecreek Bambi Headshot 2010.jpg

Cripplecreek Bambi

Bambi is a 23-year old mare who is an easy keeper with great manners. Unfortunately, Bambi's bad stifles prevent her from being ridden regularly or for any length of time. She is looking for a companion home where she can be spoiled and loved with the occasional weekend trail ride. 

Sponsored by Ivetta Capobianco


Foaled 1996 - 23 years old

14.3hh -  Mare

Available in VA

Doccoon 1
Doccon (Body)


Doc is the classic type of gentleman. He's handsome, classy, and super sweet. He loves a good scratch and maybe a treat. He has the standardbred brain and body and isn't afraid to flaunt it. Don't let his age fool you, he still has plenty of spunk!

15.3hh -  Gelding

Available in NJ

Electric Smile (headshot 1)
Electric Smile (body 1)

Electric Smile

This very sweet little mare wants all of the love and affection! Puppy dog personality, the first to greet you in the field.  Stands for vet, farrier, and of course, for grooming!


Available in NJ

Eres Tu
Eres Tu

Eres Tue

Luke is an adorable guy with a baby face that says play with me! Luke can walk, trot, and lope under saddle and would make an excellent little western pleasure prospect! He loves to play tag in the ring with you, he gives you his all and aims to please.

Foaled 2010 - 9 years old

15.2hh Gelding

Cream Ridge, NJ

Fine Feathers

Fine Feathers

Fine Feathers is the sweetest girl. She's playful and kind and loves flapping her lip. Not much bothers this big girl.


Foaled 2000 - 19 years old


Available in KY

Gaal Pal.jpg

Gaal Pal

Gaal Pal's sire is the great Laag. She is looking for a sponsor or a forever home where she can live out her days as a companion. She is easy to handle and gets along with anyone. 

Adopt, foster or sponsor her today!

16.2hh - Mare

Available in VA

Idylwood Pheonix

Idylwood Phoenix

This handsome guy likes to spend his time with his favorite gal Three Bee's. He truly loves being a social butterfly whether it is with a horse or a member of your family.  

Foaled 2005 - 14 years old


Available in KY



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