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Become a FOSTER Friend

being a "Foster Friend" means you are taking care of a horse until they find a home


Different ways to foster a horse:

  • Full foster means you will cover all costs including veterinary care, however, if any surgeries or extensive care needed SRF does not expect you to cover this expense, if you choose to do so it is appreciated. SRF is unable to cover these expenses either. If extensive veterinary care is needed it must be discussed with SRF's consulting veterinarian. There are times where humane euthanasia is considered. 


  • Fosters take on all expenses, but it can vary once discussed with our Placement Director.


  • Many of our "Foster Friends" are guided by their accountant so they receive a tax-deduction for the monies spent. Consult with your accountant for details on deductions as a foster home!


We thank you for your interest and please call us at (609) 738-3255 if you have any questions. 


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