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Sep 14, 2022
In Adoption Stories
I first saw Lord Rave online when he was at auction in early 2017. He looked so worried and it broke my heart. I was thinking about adopting a horse as a companion. I owed a 19 yr old Paint gelding and a 29 yr old Standardbred gelding. The timing wasn’t good as my Father was in poor health. He passed away in June and in the beginning of August I happened to recognize Lord Rave on SRF’s page up for adoption. I immediately called to inquire and submitted an application. He was shipped to my home in upper East TN later that month. He’s been nothing but a dream since the day he arrived. He’s a perfect gentleman to both people and horses. Everyone who meets him just adores him. Sadly, I have since lost both my other geldings. I made the decision to leave TN and move back to New England so Rave and I travelled. Lord Rave is now boarded at a friend‘s beautiful farm and enjoys the companionship of her horses and 2 mini donkeys. I truly feel like I won the lottery with Rave - I couldn’t have found a nicer horse and I’m grateful that SRF got him into rescue. I feel we were meant to be together. He is a gem, Thank you! My good boy, Lord Rave.👑🐴❤️
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