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Dec 20, 2022
In Adoption Stories
Oh man, how do I not make this a hundred pages long?! I love my boys so much! They have been life changing for me! After loosing my 24 year old Quarter Horse, Trouble, I really needed to get another horse for Laaige, my remaining horse (and a Standardbred). But through life circumstances, he was alone for a little over a year. (Boy, that's not good for a horse) SRF was in need of a home for Fin (HR's Blazeoffire), as he was ready to be shipped to Canada. Fin was only 11, but had been discarded by the Amish. He's such an interesting guy! I'd never had a horse like him before! It was wonderful to see his personality emerge as he gained weight and his confidence, and it was amazing to see Laagie turn back into the horse I knew he was before he was forced to be alone. What a gift! About a year and a half later SRF was looking for a foster home for Link (Royal Duty JR), who was at the same shipping yard Fin came from. Link was just 2 years old. He'd broken a bone in his lower leg as a baby, and while his breeder tried for a while to rehab him, at 2 years old, it was obvious he would never race, so they put him into the horse trading system. At some point in the 4 months between him being sold and him being in the kill pen, he made it to the Amish. Regardless, because of his unsightly legs and small size, he was heading to Cananda. Thankfully SRF stepped in! A couple days before Christmas 2020 I picked him up. He was supposed to stay with us for 3 months, but he never left! And I'm so thankful! He and Fin play all the time! Laagie is an old curmudgeon, but my 2 SRF boys and playful and silly. I can't ride either of my SRF guys, but I still have a wonderful time with them. Link loves to go for in hand trail walks. He's very brave and adventurous! Fin is loving the retired life. While I'd love to ride him, and few things have conspired against us, so he's a pasture puff. But I figure he's probably put in more Amish miles than most horses in this world, and he deserves his retirement. My herd is amazing! And my SRF boys have made more of a difference than I would have imagined possible. For me and for Laagie. It slays me to think that they were thrown away. But they've been saved!
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